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Pests are truly annoying creatures that keep on invading our homes. These pests don’t just enter our homes for taking shelter but also destroy food and spread diseases. Aside from spreading bacteria pests are excellent at destroying your belongings.

Therefore, it is important to avail of professional services for pest control Epping. Moreover, you should understand that dealing with pests in the early stage is much better than cleaning their carcass. For this, it is crucial that you read the signs of pest infestation.

So, let’s get started and understand what are the signs that indicate you need the best pest control Epping services!

Signs You Need Pest Control Services

Droppings of Pests

Pest droppings are the first sign you may notice in your kitchen cupboards or storerooms. Droppings of pests vary from insect to insect. However, in most cases, you can find pest dropping to be black and round.

Rodents like rats, mice, and possums leave feces everywhere they go. You can easily notice rodent droppings in and around your house. On the other hand, droppings of tiny pests may not be easily noticeable at first.

So, in case you notice any kind of pest dropping around your property, take it as a sign that you need to call experts for possum removal Epping.

Gnaw Marks

Among the most notorious pests lie rodents. These tiny pests don’t just litter your property but also damage them. Rodents like possums and rats have a habit of sharpening their teeth and for that, they try to chew away anything they can access.

In most cases, rodents damage things like wooden furniture, upholstery plastic items, cardboard, paper, and so on. You may notice visible bite marks on the furniture, sofas, or inside the items in the storage room.

So, when you notice gnaw marks on your valuables, make sure you call professional pest controllers and get your property inspected!

Weird Smell

Pests may remain hidden during the daytime but they leave a lingering smell that cannot be ignored. Pests like rodents and birds carry a smell around. Most of the time it is their urine that releases the odor.

Moreover, pests often get into accidents and die. After a few days, their carcass starts stinking up your entire property. In case of pests like possums die at your property, their smell lingers on your property for over a week despite removal.

So, when you notice a foul odor coming from your property, make sure to call experts for dead animal removal.


Pests don’t always cause a nuisance by roaming inside your house, sometimes they can be outdoors as well. Many pests like bees, wasps, and birds can make a nest around your property.

These nests appear harmless, but the pests inside them aren’t. Bees and wasps can sting you causing excruciating pain. On the other hand, bird nests can make your property dirty with bird feathers and droppings.

Make sure you keep a check on your property and get the nests removed before the problem becomes bigger. Hire pest control experts for nest removal in Epping!

Rattling Sound

Pests like being hidden from humans, while they search for food and take shelter. However, pests don’t have control when it comes to making noise. Whether it is about communication or sudden accident, pests end up releasing rattling, scratching, and hissing sound.

These sounds become more noticeable at night. So, if there are pests at your property, there are chances that you may listen to weird noises at night. Make sure to get your property inspected as soon as possible.

Hollow Woods and Dust

Pests like ants, silverfish, and so on live and feed on wood. They remain hidden in the muddy tunnel, making it hard to spot. However, as these pests feed on the wood, they make the structure hollow.

You can easily check if a wooden timber is hollow by knocking on them. Moreover, you are likely to find fine dust powered around your house if termites are living in the wooden structure.

Upon noticing hollow woods and dust make sure to get your property treated for termites. Hire experts and let them do the job of ant control.

Increased Allergies

Pests spread a lot of diseases by contaminating our food, couch, and surface that we may touch. From cockroaches to bed bugs and rodents all kinds of pests can make your home unhygienic. You may notice triggers in your allergies, or get food poisoning because of consuming contaminated food.

Keep a check on your allergies and get pest control services in Epping immediately!

Final Words

Now you know the most obvious signs that indicate you may have a pest infestation. Be careful and keep an eye on your property. Get professional services from Same Day Pest Control Epping at affordable rates!